Blonde vs. Pike Roast: Which One Came Out On Top?

For the most part, we rely on coffee to get us out of bed in the morning, and we don’t give much consideration to the flavor or strength of the coffee we drink. However, not all blends are created in the same way. Some contain a higher concentration of caffeine than others. However, this is not true. For the sake of comparison, let’s look at Pike and Blonde coffee.

Blonde coffee contains more caffeine than pike coffee; in general, the lighter the bean, the greater the amount of caffeine present. The caffeine content of Starbucks’ blonde roast is three hundred and sixty milligrams per sixteen ounces. While their medium roast, pike place, has three hundred and ten milligrams of caffeine per sixteen ounces, their dark roast, savannah, has three hundred and ten milligrams per sixteen ounces.

Another distinction between Pike and Blonde Roast is the flavor of the meat. When compared to Blonde Roast coffee, many people describe the taste of Pike Place coffee as bitter and more intense than the latter. This article will go into greater detail about the flavors of both Pike and Blonde coffee and the roasting processes involved.

The term “blonde” coffee is often misunderstood, and it should not be confused with “white” coffee, which is made from under-roasted beans. Starbucks has only recently introduced blonde roast coffee to their lineup, having previously relied on the same roast for more than 40 years.

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Is Blonde Espresso more potent than Black Espresso?

Blonde Espresso is a type of roast created from East African and Latin American coffee beans that have been described as citrusy, sweet, and creamy, according to the popular coffeehouse.

Roasters on the lookout for innovative methods came up with the idea of extracting the beans after the bean first cracks during the roasting process, which was later adopted by the industry.

These beans had little to no evidence of having been roasted; as a result of this process, oil-free, bright, light-roasted beans were produced that were larger and more acidic than traditional roasts.

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Starbucks’ original Espresso is made with dark roasted coffee beans sourced from Asia, the Pacific region, and Latin America, among other places.

A more full-bodied flavor with a hint of caramel can be found in the dark roast, whereas the blonde roast has a milder flavor.

Due to the lower temperatures used in the roasting of blonde beans than in the roasting of dark roasts, the taste is brighter and does not carry the bold, intense flavors found in dark roasts.

What Is a Pike Place Roast, and How Does It Work?

Pike Place Roast is a blend of dark beans with a rich taste and bold flavor that is roasted to perfection.

This roast is one of Starbucks’ specialty roasts, and it was first introduced in 2008 to commemorate the company’s first location in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, which opened its doors in 1971.

The company created the Pike Place roast by altering the flavor of their older coffees to create a unique blend.

This specialty blend is made with beans sourced from countries bordering the Arabian Peninsula and is provided by their original coffee suppliers. In addition, the Pike Place Roastery uses a blend of Arabica beans from high-altitude locations.

Is There a Relationship Between the Flavor of Coffee and Other Factors?

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Three primary factors influence your brew’s taste, intensity, and caffeine content. Having a better understanding of these factors will help you understand the process that goes into making Blonde Roast coffee and Pike Place coffee.

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1. The Method of Preparing Coffee

Regardless of how they are roasted, all coffee beans contain the same amount of caffeine. The method of preparation has a greater impact on the bean’s caffeine content than the bean itself.

In the morning, brewed coffee is preferable to Espresso if you need to improve your energy levels. A tall espresso from Starbucks contains 75 milligrams of caffeine, whereas a tall brewed coffee contains approximately 200 milligrams.

2. The History of the Beans

The flavor varies greatly depending on where the beans are grown when it comes to coffee beans. Consider the flavor notes of various growing regions when purchasing coffee beans the next time you go shopping for them.

It would be beneficial to sample beans from various regions in order to determine which flavors you prefer. As you taste the beans, you may notice that some have strong chocolate notes, while others have brighter citrus flavors.

3. The Procedure for Pulling Coffee Shots

There are a variety of ways to make coffee, ranging from the snazzy Aeropress to the classic French press and the traditional percolator.

Starbucks specializes in espresso-based beverages, allowing you to personalize the milk and flavor of your beverage, as well as the type of shot that is poured into your cup. 

As an example:

  • Regular – This is the traditional espresso shot.
  • Long – These shots contain the same amount of coffee as the traditional shot but more water to weaken the shot. Additionally, it increases the bitterness of the flavor. Make your Americano richer in flavor by adding two shots to your drink.
  • Ristretto – These shots have a high concentration of caffeine, are extracted quickly, and are sweet. Starbucks employs these shots in milk-based beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites, among other things.

Why Should You Drink Blonde Coffee?

You’ll enjoy blonde coffee in all of its varieties if you enjoy the taste of fine coffee beverages. When it comes to coffee, a blonde vanilla latte is a delicious combination of intense aromas and a dash of sweetness that will appeal to most people.

Even though most people perceive the high acidity as a lemony or citrusy flavor, blonde roasts will always be more acidic than darker roasts.

Flat white blonde Espresso is an excellent choice for those who prefer an espresso that is easier to swallow and milder in flavor than the traditional roast.

Because of its natural caramel flavors, the blonde roast is also excellent for making espresso macchiatos. It’s a fantastic choice for coffee enthusiasts who also have a sweet tooth.

Why Should You Drink Pike Place Coffee?

Pike Place coffee is a medium-strength coffee drink with nutty and chocolate notes that will appeal to those who enjoy medium-strong coffee drinks. The beans are dark and oily, and a small amount of husk imparts a nutty flavor to the beans.

The beans have a natural crema, which results in a coffee that is intensely amber in color. Coffee drinks made with a drip machine are ideal for Pike Place roast.

A cup of this beverage will undoubtedly get your day started off right, and pastries are the perfect breakfast accompaniment. However, because the flavor may be too strong, this beverage would not be a good pairing with breakfast foods such as bacon and eggs.

What is the best way to make blonde roast coffee at home?

Blonde roast coffee is best suited for use in milk-based coffee beverages. Make the following simple recipe for a vanilla blonde latte to give yourself a taste of Starbucks without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Only three ingredients are required for this recipe, which can be served warm or chilled.

At first, glance, making this latte may appear difficult, but the good news is that you will not require any high-tech equipment or an espresso maker to complete the task. Instead, all you need is regular brewed coffee, milk, and a dash of vanilla syrup to make this treat.

The following are the ingredients that are needed for this recipe:

  • One cup of freshly brewed coffee You can use either regular or decaf coffee for this recipe; however, Espresso is not recommended.
  • 1/2 cup low-fat or skim milk; you can also use whole milk if you prefer.
  • One tablespoon vanilla syrup; if you prefer, you can substitute sugar-free syrup for the vanilla syrup.

To begin, make a cup of coffee for yourself. Next, remove your cup of coffee from the heat and begin to froth your milk. Finally, fill your mug halfway with your vanilla syrup, coffee, and frothy milk.

That is all there is to it. To froth milk in the absence of a milk frother, you can use your microwave to achieve the same result.

Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte with whipped cream

To make this recipe, follow the same steps as you did for the first one. This iced latte is made with only one additional ingredient, which is ice, on top of the freshly brewed roast coffee from the previous step.

  1. Fill a glass halfway with ice, then add one tablespoon of vanilla syrup before decanting the hot coffee into the glass until it’s 3/4 full.
  2. In lieu of steaming your milk, place it in a tightly-sealed jar and shake it vigorously until it becomes frothy.
  3. Pour the foamy milk into a glass filled with ice and coffee, and that’s all there is to it!

What is the best way to make Pike Place Coffee at home?

Pike Place coffee is a robust-tasting coffee that is not as caffeinated as the Blonde roast, but the flavor will be enough to get you out of bed and into your day in the morning.

Drip coffee is the preferred method of consuming this beverage; it is preferable to consume this beverage on its own or with a light sweet pastry. Take a look at the steps below for the perfect cup of home-brewed coffee.

  • The first step is to open your bag of Pike. Next, place whole beans in a coffee grinder along with a handful of beans to make a cup of coffee.
  • Fill your pour-over coffee maker halfway with water and heat it to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to cool slightly.
  • Pour the water over your lawn and allow it to sit for thirty seconds. 
  • Pour more hot water over the top a second time. Allow the water to develop a creme that rises above the beans for thirty seconds before straining it.

Add more hot water over the beans at this point (Step 4). Ideally, the process of pouring water should not take longer than three minutes.

Adding 500 milliliters of coffee should result in a well-balanced coffee to water ratio. Next, prepare the coffee so that it is ready to pour into a cup.

You should be looking for a densely packed stream with a deep amber color; if there is a little foamy water at the top, that is even more desirable.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this article, your senses will be more sensitive to different coffee beans’ various flavors and aromas. Blonde Roast and Pike Place coffee are excellent examples of how to approach the subject of coffee in a creative way.

Depending on how it is roasted, Pike Place coffee may have a more robust flavor and a darker color than Blonde Roast coffee. On the other hand, Blonde Roast coffee contains a small amount of caffeine.

In order to better understand how you like your coffee, experiment with different types of coffee beans in a variety of variations. Then, savor the flavor of your morning cup of joe.

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